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Facebook Badge Post - Motivations + Memories (2/2)

Note Jul 10, 2023: Made some minor edits to this after initial post; see this PR

The Motivational Things #


I’ve changed, the company has changed, and (while I have seen firsthand just how good the LLMs in GenAI are going to be, the crazy amount of GPUs/compute that the team is going to get, and how great folks are not just technically but organizationally and with empathy) it’s not the adventure I want to be having at this stage in life.

I’m lucky at the moment to not be tied down to much — relationships, location, recurring responsibility — but that (hopefully) won’t last forever.

And while I can afford the risk and enjoy that certain type of freedom, I would like to.

Frankly, it’s also just sort of time. I’ve changed teams every 1.5-2 years, done 3 major area switches, and walked the research-to-production pipeline backwards; as much as I still think FB has its things together in ways that many other corporations don’t, I’ve already seen a lot of how things are done here and what FB has to offer. Also while I have no intention of being a Retiree (despite whatever the Chuckr scale says1). I also reached the “financial independent” part of FIRE a while ago and want to explore what that means for me.

Lower order bits:

  • My birthday is Aug 8 (8/8). Getting to 8 years appeals to the numerical pattern matching part of my brain. 😛
  • I already sorta know what increasing the mean (ie climbing the career ladder) looks like and I want to play the variance from feeling that much more of the end-to-end ownership. (Or, maybe I read too much r/FatFIRE lol)
  • Because of all of the above, I’ve already had a quit-by date for a while now. (Among other things, I already made use of one of the rarer, but also best-optionality granting benefits2 back in early 2022 so that I wouldn’t have to deal with those logistics now.)

What’s next?

I’m going to spend the next 1-3 years intentionally doing the higher-variance things (travelling, startups, projects). If something from that time works out, great. If not, I’ll have a lot of new experiences and understanding of how different environments are and how I am in those environments in kind, and that’s a sort of working out too.3

Contact #

I don’t know where I’ll be or when, but would love to stay in touch.

[More direct contact info redacted]

Feel free to reach out even if it’s been ages since we’ve last interacted! I have a tendency to materialize in random cities and would love to have more folks to ping while making the rounds. 🙂

Assorted memories #

Non-exhaustive; intentionally keeping them stream-of-consciousness cause they’re prolly tears-in-the-rain for anyone not-me anyway but feels somehow important to include; primarily chosen for absurdity and entertainment and spreading the links out so it doesn’t look too overwhelming to read 😛

[Note: Some of the links broken; replaced with footnotes instead]

Beautiful views from tall offices; getting destroyed in after-work Quake LAN parties; hearing the 15-min story about that time where a GK got fat fingered and took down a bunch of other sites on the internet almost every week for a year and a half; being a video-game-playing grunt in someone else’s Zuck demo; doing my own Zuck demo; “When you don’t get what you want you get experience”; offsite things: making fire, cooking challenges, bonding dinners; only sorta heat exhausting an intern on a hike; CV coordinate transform mishaps (soooooo many, and I knew I hated dealing with coordinate conventions before going on those teams too); reading through a bunch of assorted writings4 that give generally good work advice, lots of the early legends/stories, Great Debates, and posts that show how magical5 and open6 and vulnerable7 FB as a company was — even when it didn’t have to be — but maybe isn’t how things are today; corporate travel; trips to London/Paris/Zurich/MPK/Austin; landing production Haskell (ok not that cool of a memory, but I nerd chuckle at it a bit); chatting for an hour-and-a-half while massively sleep deprived and sitting 2 feet from Zuck with a dozen people mostly on the opposite side of the political spectrum from me; pulling all nighters to learn Unity to make stuff for the Quest; comradery and awesome shirts for the BB3 release; paper cramming; lots of interviewing + intern things; launching AR Birthdays after pivoting from another AR project cause we got feedback about how hard it is to build 2-sided markets from scratch; getting feedback from a VP that my Jedi write-ups were good; a TL making an offhand comment winter 2015 and inadvertently melting a gut-anxiety ball I’d been carrying for 5-and-change years; going on my first ever oncall and getting a beastiality porn spam attack (lol yup); F8 2017 - “From a (single) image” (when it definitely wasn’t); realizing how bad I was at organizing a lab notebook despite getting the importance in theory and slowly improving after a year or so; “We’ll look fondly on this short period of time in history when society was able to trust recorded media”; buying + expensing a pull-up bar after my first team switch despite being the small female on a team of fit dudes; finding places to nap; finding SO MANY people around to be SUPER COOL in amazing and subtle ways (but not having any idea how to be friends with them lol); the shenanigans that was the entirety of OPT-175B + aftermath; FBAnon8 (or, the better parts of it at least); FLiP ropes courses; happy hours; fbseabffs; etc; etc; etc; etc…

(But when it’s over, is it really over?)9

Part 1 - Badge Post Context + Thanks | Part 2 - Motivations + Memories

  1. chuckr was a internally well-known engineer who made a work-internal scale based on how long your tenure was at the company when you quit

  2. Egg freezing. Will write another post about this at some point. 

  3. Currently starting out at the mecca that is the SF Bay Area (and hoping I don’t turn to Abomination from all the wishes + desires that the scene there can have) but we’ll see how it goes. 

  4. Facebook uses a work-edition of Facebook groups for work communications. As one might expect, folks would write various career-advice-y type of things there. 

  5. I don’t actually quite remember what (if anything) I put as the link to here… definitely lots of things this could be though. (The MPK Classic sweet shop would be a good contender…) 

  6. Not my place to post the story, but from the person that did this 

  7. Also not my place to post the specifics 

  8. For a short while around 2016/2017, someone took an instance of regular Workplace (where everyone was non-anonymous) and made an anonymous version. It was… interesting. 

  9. The lines here popped into my head the day before I finished writing the post… the rest of the lyrics didn’t really apply when I listed to the rest of it, but the wistful mood seemed about right :hugs: 

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