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Facebook Badge Post - Badge Post Context + Thanks (1/2)

Badge Post Context #

Traditionally, when folks leave Facebook, they take a photo of their badge and leave a post about whatever information/thanks/rants they’d like to leave.

Seeing as how:

  1. I’ve had lots of questions about “where are you going” and “why are you quitting” and
  2. Lots of the folks I’d appreciated have moved on

I figured I’d post my badge post here.

This was posted on Wednesday, June 28th, the day before my 8th Faceversery (“Facebook anniversary”).

…and so the Journey goes On #

My 8th Faceversery is tomorrow and my last day at Facebook will be Wednesday, July 5th.

There’s too much to say and not enough space, so I’m going to try to be lightly entertaining instead. 🙂

Thanks #

As with many things in life, people make-or-break the experience and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to spend the time with so many of you.

Thanks to:

  • The managers, from which I have derived infinite wisdom, even when that wisdom only became apparent in hindsight: [redacted]
  • The LLM + Dialogue + FAIR folks, from whom I’ve learned the techniques and adventure of navigating the uncertainty of the cutting edge (among many, many other things): [redacted]
    • The OPT OGs, who pulled me into that janky (but damn powerful) rocketship, and all the shenanigans that will continue to follow: [redacted]
    • The LLM Team (+ Zetta folks): [redacted]
    • Repartee: [redacted]
    • FAIR, Cairaoke, and other NLP collaborators: [redacted]
  • The Computational Photography, Spark AR, and XR Tech folks, who gave me first tastes of how to navigate the bastard child that is the mixing of research + prod (and for some fun computer vision chats in general): [redacted]
  • All the folks from Platform/Business Integrity + Spam, who were there for me when I got my first taste of the working world: [redacted]

Additionally thanks to:

  • My direct interns, who are all doing amazing things (both with and despite my short period of influence 😉 ): [redacted]
  • The 50+ intern managers I intern directed for (special shoutout to [redacted], for putting up with a looooot of my feedback in particular, though I know that probably occurred with lots of you 😛) the numerous, numerous partners in recruiting and folks met while interviewing, interview training, and participating in debrief quorum.

Working with the intern program and the recruiting pipeline inevitably would end up in the “Extracurriculars” section of my PSC but was something that I not only greatly, greatly enjoyed but also learned a lot from. It also helped keep my sanity and staved off some “am I actually being useful” that would’ve otherwise happened when the main-line work was being wonky. So thanks for that.

I’m far beyond the tag limit and memory is fallible, so know that my thanks extends far beyond just what I’ve included here. You know who you are but - in case I’ve missed something, please reach out! I wouldn’t want to fail to emphatically regale someone with appreciation for their awesomeness.

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