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For better or for worse, I was born with two X chromosomes.

I generally try to not think about my gender day-to-day. It’s relevant when I’m looking at cute dresses, or considering how to frame myself for a dating profile, but it’s not a detail that I want to think about on a normal basis. My gender — in an ideal world — would have no bearing on my professional ambitions, or the adventures that I seek to have, or the goals that I hope to achieve. (... click for more)

GenAI and Obvious-ish

For a tl;dr see the Conclusion

Intro #

There are a few things that have felt “obvious” to me for the past a year and change about the GenAI space, especially LLMs. A lot of it was probably not obvious to folks in general, but via working on chatbots before it resurged again and kicking pretraining GPUs before ChatGPT for OPT175 I got to see and think through a few things before the hype cycle started. (... click for more)

Project/business ideas, loosely prioritized - Aug 1 #

As I mention in my badge post I already had a quit by day for a while. Because of that, I could plan. Or at least, dump ideas into a notebook.

Photo of a notebook where I kept some project ideas
Section of a notebook that I started some point 2020 or early 2021. 1

Not going to list all of them but I figured it’d be worth putting the better ones somewhere, plus some new ones that’ve come up in the time since2. (... click for more)

QR Code Art Business Card #

I made myself a design for a business card today.

Update Aug 1, 2023: Figured I’d move the write-up here, since there’s a good chance I might keep iterating on this in the future and don’t wanna spam the qr code page. (... click for more)

Facebook Badge Post - Motivations + Memories (2/2) #

Note Jul 10, 2023: Made some minor edits to this after initial post; see this PR

The Motivational Things #

Why? (... click for more)

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