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Facebook Badge Post - Badge Post Context + Thanks (1/2)

Badge Post Context #

Traditionally, when folks leave Facebook, they take a photo of their badge and leave a post about whatever information/thanks/rants they’d like to leave.

Seeing as how: (... click for more)

Hello world! #

Why a blog? Why now? #

Couple different reasons:

  1. I’ve wanted one for a while (like, a decade and a half)
  2. I’m finally feeling experienced enough to say something interesting
  3. Seems like it wouldn’t hurt to have a public persona somewhere

I last tried setting up a Github Pages in 2020 and got a good part of the way there… but then stopped because I spent too much time trying to muck with the layout and overwhelming myself trying to use all of the tag/collection/etc features that Jekyll and Liquid had to offer. (... click for more)

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