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QR Code Art Business Card

I made myself a design for a business card today.

Update Aug 1, 2023: Figured I’d move the write-up here, since there’s a good chance I might keep iterating on this in the future and don’t wanna spam the qr code page.

QR image generation #

The QR codes were generated quick and hackishly with one of the out-of-the-box QR code + image prompt generators1. In particular, this thread lead me to this site, though I tried a few different QR image generators. See this directory for some examples.

Here’s a sample of some of the images I liked more2, from maybe an hour or two of prompting:

QR image QR image QR image QR image QR image

At one point, I decided to try one of the example prompts shown on the QR Code Monster page. The output frankly looked way cooler than any of the prompts I had written.
QR image

Being wary of the color palatte potentially not printing well (and also the difficuly of integrating such a complex background texture into a cohesive business card, especially cause I didn’t feel like running an in-painting model), I played around with replacing the “orange” and “teal” in the original prompt until I eventually settled on the simple “black” and “white”.

QR image used

Final prompt:

a holistic drawing of (pc cooling:1.2) (printed circuitboard:0.2), (stunning, highly detailed, 8k, ornate, intricate, cinematic, dehazed, atmospheric:0.7), splash art, white, (black:0.3), (by Jeremy Mann, by John Constable, by El Greco:0.7), (acrylic paint:0.4), (by Zdzislaw Beksinski:0.4), (by Victo Ngai and John Romita Jr:0.8)

Business Card Creation #

Bit of tweaking in GIMP later3 (including generating another image with the same prompt to use as the background) and we get the business card that hopefully (unless you came from the blog) lead you here.4

GIMP screen of business card

Since it seemed reasonable enough, I used Vista Print to physically print the cards. For those curious, that site charges ~$25 on top of the cost of the card if you want to ship faster (~1 week) and $9 for the default cheap option of ~2 weeks.

Update (roughly an hour after making this) #

I think I’ve realized the simpler answer here was probably to do QR art on the back side of a business card (letting it take up whatever space it needs), then have clean lines/text on the front.

Ah well, done is better the enemy of perfect, and there’ll always be more chances to print business cards. :P

  1. Cause while I could get a model to run locally and tweek things a la this write-up, I didn’t actually want to spend that much time doing this. 

  2. As you may be able to tell, I had the idea of “futuristic city” for a good number of these. 

  3. Oh the joys of being cheap while funemploymed. :P 

  4. Middle bit here purposefully hidden to not doxx myself. 

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