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Hello world!

Why a blog? Why now? #

Couple different reasons:

  1. I’ve wanted one for a while (like, a decade and a half)
  2. I’m finally feeling experienced enough to say something interesting
  3. Seems like it wouldn’t hurt to have a public persona somewhere

I last tried setting up a Github Pages in 2020 and got a good part of the way there… but then stopped because I spent too much time trying to muck with the layout and overwhelming myself trying to use all of the tag/collection/etc features that Jekyll and Liquid had to offer.

I decided to simplify things down a lot this time around. I’ve also gotten a little bit better at using the relevant tools 1 which has also sped things up some.

Assorted low-bit things #

…I still need to click the buttons to update the relevant URLs to point to this, but I’m calling this, for the most part, done. And we’re live here too.

Some point I’ll go through and make specific pages for tags, but that can be for another day. I’m happy with the layout, about page, and most of the basic navigation/UI elements so far, and I need to wrap this up somewhere. Nope, looks like figuring that out was today :P

  1. I am apparently now 3 days old into realizing that Chrome Developer tools lets you live-edit CSS… 

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